DirtyBILLposter3“Dirty Bill of Health” by Random Dude Films presents a short film using simple but low-tech concepts to pull off complex story-telling taking place in only two rooms throughout the entire film.

Going into the film, I was skeptical of the nature of the film – expecting an interpretive version of today’s political climate on the subject of healthcare. Honestly, I am surprised by the not-so-opposite direction of the film but still keeping to more of a fictional outlook you may find in say a young-adult fictional anthology.

Moving forward.

Dirty Bill Of Health is an inspired fanatic of the classic 50′s ‘Hitchcock Presents’ series. A touch of dark humored cat and mouse, laced with subtle clues from the second it begins. The film attempts to challenge the audience as to where the hero’s are and what their end game is.

Dirty Bill of Health impresses with eerily fantastic acting by the sketchy yet realistically reminiscent view of a fear most carry of doctors popularized by crime television shows such as the Law & Order franchise, possibly adding Criminal Minds franchise with it.

Camera manipulation during high intensity moments and action sequences are perfectly timed adding more fuel to the fire for this film.

Random Dude Films is also a 2nd Annual Geekie Awards entrant, check it out here.


A stranger on a road trip stops in for a random medical check up looking for everything but a clean bill of health. Starring James Tyce (Almost Human, Supernatural, No Tell Motel), Casey Manderson (Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, Cinemanovels), Tirra Dent and Cynthia Potvin.

Dirty Bill of Health received the award for TOP 5 in the Short Screenplay Competition in the EERIE Horror Film Festival. The film has also received an Official Selection award at Freak Show Horror Film Festival 2013 and again at the CanadaDrome Film Festival 2014.

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